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Defense Trading Corporation has more than 1 million drawings on file in our library for new and hard-to-find items, including discontinued and old material for air defense products. With combined experience over 50 years, we know just what you need for quality sea and air defense logistics equipment. Contact us today in Washington, DC, for superior service on your air defense logistics equipment. You may also view our PDF to learn more about our parts and support equipment for aircraft.

Sea Equipment
Navy & Marine Parts & Support Equipment • Inflatable Rubber Products, Including Life Rafts & Life Preservers
 Diesel & Gasoline Engines (Including Spare Parts) •  Marine Hardware, Cables, Chains, Ropes, & Wire • Diving Equipment & Wetsuits
 Submarine Hulls | Packing & Gasket Materials • Chemicals, Oils, Greases, & Lubricants • Navigation Equipment & Instruments
 Thinners, Lacquers & Paint Equipment •  Marine Anti-Corrosion Composition • Marine Location Markers

Consumable & Practice Accessories Including Pumps, Afterbody Spares, Launch Accessories, & Upgrades

Air Defense Logistics Equipment

Air Lockheed C-130 Hercules:
(All Series)
• Engine: Allison T -56 Rotable 
   Parts, Including Fans Blades, 
   Fuel Pumps, & Accessories
• Airframe: Fuselage Parts, Such 
  As Rudders, Flaps Door Frame, 
  Ramp Cargo, Pallets, Landing 
  Gear Actuators
• Avionics: Guidance & 
  Communications Units for Aircraft

• Engine: T-56-A7 Allison, Rotables
• Airframe: Ailerons-Rudders, Flaps,
   Door Plates, & Seals
• Avionics: Communications & 
  Guidance Equipment, Including 
  VHF & Weather Radar Spare
• Rotables: Tires, Brakes, Rotor, 

F-16 General Dynamics
• Engine: Parts for Pratt & Whitney 
  F100-PW-100(3) Afterburning 
  Turbo Fan Engine
• Airframe: Landing Gears, 
  Actuators, Cylinders, Flaps, Door 
• Avionics: Guidance & 
  Communication.5 Units

BELL UH-IH (Series)
• Engine: Avco Lycoming T -53, 
  Tail, & Main Rotor Parts, Fuel 
  Pumps, & Accessories
• Airframe: Window-Windshields, 
  Accessories for Special Missions 
  Including Skies, Search & Rescue
• Avionics: Communications & 
  Guidance Equipment Including 
  VHF & Weather Radar Parts

F-5E Northop
• Engine: Parts for YJ85-GE-21 
  Engine Including Fuel Pumps, 
  Blades, Vanes
• Airframe: Landing Gears, 
  Actuators. Cylinders, Flaps, Door
• Avionics: Guidance & 
  Communications Units

DE Havilland Buffalo DHC-5
• Engine: Parts for T-64 Engine, 
  Including Fuel Pumps, Blades, 
  Vanes, & More
• Airframe: Landing Gears, 
  Actuators, Cylinders, Flaps, Door 
• Rotables: Brake Rotors, Parts, 

Jet Repair, Air Defense Logistics Equipment in Washington, DC

 Aircraft Operating Systems & Accessories—Electrical, Hydraulic, & Pneumatic:
 Propellers and Rotor Blades (Drive Systems, Gears & Components, Governors)
 Landing Gear & Components (New & Overhauled): Wheels, Tires & Brake Systems Components
 Hydraulic, Vacuum and De-icing System Components: Pressure, Temperature & Flow Switches, Valves, Pumps, Filters, Actuators
 Environmental Control Systems: Air Conditioning, Heaters, Pressurizing Equipment,
Compress Engine Air Bleed Controls. Oxygen Systems, Life Support Systems 

 Refueling Systems/Fuel Controls:
Pressure Switches, Fuel Pumps, Valves, Fuel Transfer Components

Ground Support Equipment:
 • Air Compressors—Turbine Type
 • Air Conditioning Units
 • Air Starting Units Antennas
 • Beacons (Radio)/ELTs
 • Bomb Loaders
 • Borescopes
 • Hangers—Portable
 • Hydraulic Test Units—Portable
 • Jacks—Aircraft
 • Fire Fighting Equipment
 • Generators—AC/DC
 • Ground Power Units/Auxiliary Power Units 
 • Night Vision Devices
 • Ladders—Helicopter Maintenance
 • Pyrotechnics/Flares
 • Service Lifts, Platforms and Stands for Aircraft
 • Rapid Runway Repair Kits
 • Shelters—Portable
 • Survival Equipment
 • Tool Sets and Test Equipment
 • Tow Bars
 • Tow Tractors—Aircraft
 • Weather Instruments
 • Aircraft Cleaning Compound
 • Aircraft Bearings 

 • Anti-G Garments
 • Flyer's Jackets
 • Jacket & Trouser Liners
 • Field Jackets
 • Flyer's Coveralls
 • Gloves & Boots
 • Helmets & Helmet Liners
 • Parachute Parts
 • Fire Protective Clothing
 • Cargo Tie-Down Equipment (Nets, Hooks)
 • Wetsuits
 • Structural Components for Military & Civilian Aircraft


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